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 - Petani Bay Hotel

Although soaking up under the sun and enjoying the marvelous scenery at Petani Bay Hotel seems idyllic, there is so much that you can do in Kefalonia. We would be happy to help you arrange for a tour on our privately owned speedboat (, exploring the most secluded beaches of the island in absolute comfort. Other equally thrilling activities include:

• Wine tasting
• Horse riding
• Sightseeing tours
• Spa & massage sessions
• Cycling
• Fishing
• In search of Homer’s Ithaca

Join us in the most wonderful adventures at Petani Bay Hotel!

Sunsets at Petani Bay Hotel
Enjoy the ultimate Kefalonian sunset from the perfect observatory at Petani Bay Hotel. Sip on fruity cocktails or chilled champagne and indulge in the most transcendental experience from an idyllic point of view, with panoramic vistas over the bay. As the sun melts into the sea, thousands of chromatic hues burst into the sky and the outcome is purely mesmerizing. For those romantic at heart, for nature enthusiasts, for couples in love and for those in search of the best experiences while on vacations, this is just the place to be at sunset o’clock!